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Every week I am faced with the task of advising a client that:

  1. they have good prospects of success, however,
  2. I suspect that they may never be able to “win” their case.

This dilemma arises because we mostly don’t think about the importance of keeping a record of a transaction when we buy a phone, or receive a copy of an application for life insurance.

Yet these are the documents that will make or break a person when a dispute arises about a defective product or a rejected insurance claim.

It is my humble opinion that people should take better care of these records and work towards keeping their records in a healthier, safer and more reliable way.

My advice would to be to start working on the following steps:

So, next time someone denies that you purchased their product because you cannot prove the purchase or at least the terms of the purchase, you will be able to play them like a genius world chess champion.

Checkmate – you win…

I hope this guide helps you to think about ways that you might be exposed to some risk and ensure that you are not taken advantage of in the future – happy document keeping.

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Want some free legal advice?

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