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    3 Licence applications you might be able to make

    In certain circumstances you can apply in a Magistrates Court for a work licence or special circumstance licence to prevent extreme financial or other severe hardship to you or your family.

    There are two types of work driver license applications.  There is a further application that can be made in circumstances of non-financial hardship.

    Firstly, if you have been charged with drink driving or driving with the presence of a drug in your system.  This type of application is usually referred to as a Restricted Licence (s.87) application.

    Secondly where you are about to lose your licence because you have accumulated too many points or you have been in trouble for high speed driving (over 40km/hr above the speed limit).  This is referred to as a SHO or special hardship order.

    Thirdly where a loss of your license would cause you or your family severe and unusual hardship.

    There is a strict eligibility test.  Each application is different, and getting the timing right is important.  You should call us to get advice about your circumstances to see whether you are eligible, and for assistance in bringing the application:

    07 3281 2677

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